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Optimove capsules can effectively resist joint and back pain, and are effective in any pathological stage. In order to help your joints regain their previous mobility and strength, please leave a request in the order form on the official French website. After filling in the "Name" and "Phone" fields, you will order a callback, which does not force you to perform any operations. The operator will advise you completely free of charge.

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Physical exercise is the foundation of life

Joint pain adjusted our plan

The habit of life requires us to keep moving. Exercise and health are inseparable. When facing joint pain for the first time, a person must greatly adjust their plans and daily tasks.

Optimove has recently appeared on the French medical product market, but has successfully established it as an effective and reliable medicine with the best ingredients for joint pain of various causes. Regardless of the need for treatment for any reason, Optimove capsules have beneficial effects on joints in the following situations:

In this case, it is important to start resuming treatment quickly to strengthen the joints and relieve swelling, inflammation and pain. Only the comprehensive approach proven by the chondroprotective agent Optimove can provide visible results in treatment. The correct choice of drugs can bring great success.

Optimove prevention can eliminate diseases

Unfortunately, without proper treatment, the tissue changes in the joints are irreversible. If joint treatment is not performed in time, it may cause the development of serious diseases, such as arthritis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, and gout. The more time spent without treatment, the more serious the complications. Over time, joint pathology can lead to complications of habitual movement and even complete loss of mobility.

Optimove capsule is an excellent preventive agent for preventing joint and back pain. According to the type of active substance in the composition of the drug, the drug is a chondroprotective agent. Their structure is similar to the basic elements that form cartilage tissue. Their purpose is to prevent destructive changes in the joints and their rapid recovery through active nutrition of the substances that form the joints.

The chondroprotectant Optimove belongs to the fifth generation of drugs

Optimove is the fifth generation cartilage protector

The development history of chondroprotective drugs can be traced back to several stages, which are related to the qualitative changes in their composition. With the emergence of new data about joint processes and the emergence of more effective ingredients for treating joints, the formulation of drugs has also changed.

First generation

Animal cartilage tissue is used as the raw material for the first generation of preparations.

Second generation

The basis of the second-generation drug is glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

Third Generation

The composition of the third generation preparation is based on the compound chondroitin sulfate hydrochloride.

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation is characterized by a preference for natural ingredients in the composition of preparations for treating joints.

Optimove is a unique drug among similar products and belongs to the fifth generation of joint products. Optimove absorbs the best experience of previous generations and has a higher bioavailability of active compounds, allowing you to restore joints in a shorter time, including reducing pain, swelling and inflammation, and strengthening cartilage tissue.

France chooses a relatively large number of drugs for similar purposes. However, compared with analogs, Optimove has many advantages:

Unique formula Optimove

Clinical Trials

The clinical trial of the Optimove drug was conducted at the European Institute of Orthopaedics in 2018. As participants, 1700 volunteers with joint disease at various stages were examined. The data collected at the end of the experiment clearly showed the effectiveness and safety of using Optimove to treat joints and back.

The results of the study showed that the subjects pointed out:

After a course of Optimove, cartilage tissue is restored


Complete cure for arthritis, arthritis, radiculitis and other joint diseases


Improve joint mobility


Joint discomfort disappears for up to 60 minutes after taking Optimove


Lack of addiction or adverse physical reactions


The directional effect of Optimove on joints

The treatment process of Optimove restores joint health
  1. The pain was relieved almost immediately.
  2. It can reduce the swelling of the joints, reduce the pressure on the damaged area, and help the active substances penetrate deep into the joints.
  3. Renew bone and cartilage tissue, fully restore joints and restore health.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Doctor-Orthopedic Philippe Philippe
11 years
I recommend Optimove capsules to patients in France to restore joint pain. Its direct effect can not only eliminate symptoms, but also relieve the disease itself. The course use of capsules can make you heal at different stages of the disease. In my practice, patients with indications refuse surgery after receiving a course of Optimove. For the elderly, I recommend preventive use. If you plan to restore the mobility and strength of your joints, be sure to try this unique treatment.